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I've only recently started messing around with combining multiple exposures to render hdr images - and the results are surely worth the effort. My first and only subject thus far ("project 1"), our lunar companion - this image was rendered from 3 of my best exposures of the moon from a session of about 25. I used Photoshop (cs4) for the task and made some minor adjustments to the gamma and exposure rates to get (what I felt) was the best picture possible as far as the detail in the moon's surface. I think it came out great for a first-timer. Not sure what to use as the next subject, but practice makes perfect (so 'they' say).......want to learn how to do some tone mapping now I suppose as well. We'll see......


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United States
Hi, I'm Skiye. Founder of SkiyeCam photography a.k.a. "Anagrophy". SkiyeCam offers professional photography services all over the USA and more. Please contact me for more details.

I am also a musician. Check out some of my noise here -


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